Chatbot Soundlist

Last Updated: 1/27/23

!3minutesTTV user Zazzeris says his “3 Minutes” quote
!4thjuly“Happy 4th of July!” – Dick Marcinko
!6hours“Six Hours Later” – Sponge Bob
!989The 989 Studios video game sound
!achievementXbox 360 achievement unlocking sound
!action“We need some action!” – Kung Fury
!adawait“Ada Wait!” – Leon Kennedy from RE2
!afterher“After her!” – Von Croy from Tomb Raider 4
!ahaAh-hum – Lara Croft
!ahh“Nothin but the– AH!” – Croakitoad
!ahoogaCar honking sound effect – Jackbox
!airhornThe typical airhorn meme sound
!akuma“Die one thousands deaths!” – Akuma
!alec“For England, James” – GoldenEye 007
!alertMetal Gear Solid alert sound
!alfredAlfred Ashford laughing from RE: CV
!alliance“For the Alliance!” – World of Warcraft
!alteredbeastDying death scream – Altered Beast
!alyssa“Alyssa, where are you?” – Clock Tower 3
!ambition“My ambition can’t be stopped!” – Cao Cao
!amongusEmergency button sound from Among Us
!amy1TTV user Mz_Amy_Pond says “Aww!”
!amy2TTV user Mz_Amy_Pond says “Aw, I’m sorry!”
!anotherone“Another One!” – DJ Khaled
!ara“Ara! Ara!”
!aroundtown“Bring it around town!” – Sponge Bob
!ashTTV user Ashterial says “Blizzard, please!”
!ashcopsTTV user Ashterial says her “call the cops” quote
!ashley“Help me, Leon!” – Ashley from RE4
!asuka“You talk too much” – Pro Wrestler Asuka
!awwCrowd going “Awwwww!”
!babalityBabality sound effect, Mortal Kombat
!babyBaby crying soundbyte
!babymarioBaby Mario crying – SMW2: Yoshi’s Island
!baconrun“Run!” w/ BaconLara sound effect
!badnews“Bad news, everyone!” – World of Warcraft
!badpuns“Several bad puns later” – Sponge Bob
!bagTTV user Badassgamez says “I saved it!”
!bagintroPiano YouTube intro for Badassgamez
!baggage“Too much baggage!” – Diablo
!bang“Bang, bang bang!” – AJR’s “Bang”
!barney“Catch me later, I’ll buy ya a beer” – Barney
!barry“I have this!” – Barry Burton from RE1
!barry1“Must be a backdoor somewhere” – Barry RE1
!barry2“What a monster!” – Barry RE1
!barry3“What is this place anyway?!” – Barry RE1
!barry4“Oh my COD!” – Barry RE1
!barry5“Take a look at THIS!” – Barry RE1
!barry6“Now I’ve done it!” – Barry RE1
!barry7“Fresh air and be eaten by a monster” – Barry RE1
!barry8“Grab the rope!” – Barry RE1
!bastion“Doo Wee Doo Wee Woo!” – Bastion, Overwatch
!batista“Do I have your attention now?!” – Batista
!battles“Some battles win/lose!” – Dynasty Warriors 5
!bbq“You could’ve bbq’d both of us!” – Carlos, RE3
!beggar“A few coins is all I ask!” – Beggar, Assassin’s Creed
!bellRing bell sound
!betrayalBetrayal! – Halo
!bigboy“Tight fit for a big boy like you!” – Snake, MGS
!bill“Mother humper!” – Bill from Left 4 Dead
!billgreat“That’d be great” – Bill, Office Space
!billy1Predator’s distorted Billy laughing from Predator
!billy2Billy laughing from Predator
!billyeah“Mmm, yeah” – Bill, Office Space
!birthday“Happy Birthday!” – Dick Marcinko
!biteme“Why’d he bite me?!” – Resident Evil 2
!bits“Nothin’ but bits!” – Marcus, Gears of War
!bl1“I want some iced coffee” – BaconLara
!bl2“Ayayayayayaya!” – BaconLara
!bmtBig Motha Truckas, only $19.95!
!bombI thought it was a bomb for sure! – Max Payne
!bomb1Heheh, I thought it was a bomb! – Max Payne
!bonk“Bonk!” – Team Fortress 2 Scout
!booBoo! You Suck!
!boo1Crowd booing sound effect
!boom“Boom!” – Boomer, Gears of War
!booty“Booty’s so delicious!” – Anime Girls VR
!bossweapons“I’ve got boss weapons!” – Dark Souls II meme
!boy“Boy!” – Kratos, God of War
!brace“Brace for assholes!” – Gears Tactics
!brbA jingle for anyone who’s going BRB!
!broMatt Riddle’s WWE theme intro
!broke“And you.. broke it!” – Sponge Bob
!bubbles“Bubbles.. BUBBLES!” – Croakitoad, Zelda II
!bubbly“A lil bit of the bubbly!” – Chris Jericho
!bubsy1“Get your motor runnin’!” – Bubsy
!bubsy2“This guy gives stupid a bad name!” – Bubsy
!bubsy3“Pay attention!” – Bubsy
!buddy“Thanks buddy!” – Croakitoad
!butcher“Ah! Fresh meat!” – The Butcher, Diablo
!buying“What are ya buyin’?” – RE4 Merchant
!buzzerBuzzer sound
!byeBye Bye – Mario
!byocThe infamous QuakeCon BYOC “Woooop!”
!cabaretSunshine Fever music from Yakuza cabaret
!camera“A surveillance camera?” – Snake, MGS
!canCan opening sound
!captain“Look at me, I’m the captain now”
!catA cat meowing
!catchphrase“Catchphrase!” – Reinhardt, Overwatch
!celebration“Celebration for Le Champion!” – Chris Jericho
!cheers“Cheers, big ears!” – Killing Floor
!cheese“Say cheese!” – Bald Guy, Tomb Raider
!chen“Brother Chen, barkhang!” – Tomb Raider
!chewingDOOM monster chewing sound
!chickenA rooster crowing
!chocoboChocobo call from Final Fantasy
!choppa“Get to the choppa!” – Predator
!choppy“Choppy choppy you peepee!” – WWE
!chromie1“None of them end well for you!” – Chromie, WoW
!chromie2“Haven’t we done this before?” – Chromie, WoW
!chromie3“So nice to see you!” – Chromie, WoW
!chronoTTV User Riftstar says “Not going anywhere!”
!cj“Ah shit, here we go again!” GTA: SA
!clappingClapping sound
!claptrap“Look at me, I’m dancing!” – Claptrap
!cleatusCleatus the dancing NFL robot
!clem“Ta-da!” – Clementine from Walking Dead: S1
!clevergirl“Clever girl” – Jurassic Park
!clickBig Lebowski quote & Flashlight clicky tandem
!clip“Make it a clip!” – Croakitoad
!clocktowerClock Tower game intro title screen SFX
!cocaine“Wanna do a lil cocaine?” – Call of Juarez
!coinCoin sound effect from Mario
!cokeGhost from Phasmo saying “Coke!”
!coke1TTV user Cokesodacan says “Uh… What?!”
!colesL.A. Noire & Gears of War SFX mashup
!coletrain1“Whoooo!” – Augustus Cole, Gears of War
!coletrain2“Not your day, MF’er!” – Cole, Gears of War
!coletrain3“Not your day, MF’er” w/ Croakitoad smirk
!coletrain4“Cole Train runs on whole grain!” – Cole, GoW
!comagoogyTTV user Comatrix44 does a googy laugh
!comarioTTV user Comatrix44 does Mario impression
!combobreaker“C-C-C-Combo Breaker!” – Killer Instinct
!company“I think we got company!” – Rainbow Six: Vegas
!company1“We got company!” – Marcus Fenix, Gears of War
!cookies“Not here to sell cookies” – Gears of War
!corners“Check those corners!” – Aliens
!cotecioTTV user Cotecio says “No!”
!cowA cow mooing
!cowabunga“Cowabunga!” – TMNT
!cowbellDo we need some more cowbell?
!cowboyAin’t nothin’ personal! – Cowboy from TR 1
!cowgirl“Ride ’em cowgirl!” – Hannah Montana
!cracking“Time to get crackin’!” – Gears Tactics
!crap 1-2“Ah crap!” – Rainbow Six: Vegas
!crashWindows crash sound effect
!crashb“Whoa!” – Crash Bandicoot
!cricketsCrickets sound effect
!crumbSalacious Crumb from Star Wars laughs
!crumbdanceSalacious Crumb laugh & techno dance
!cursorCursor sound effect from Resident Evil
!cyberdemonTTV user Cokesodacan talks like Cyberdemon
!d2portalPortal sound from Diablo II
!d2potionPotion sound from Diablo II
!damn“Damn!” – Syphon Filter
!danger“I’m in danger!” – Ralph Wiggum, The Simpsons
!danny*Scream!* “That’s Danny.” – Silent Hill 3
!dayum“Dayum!” – Cole Train, Gears of War
!dbag“Douchebag convention in town” – Dick Marcinko
!dbatBat squeeking sound from Diablo 1
!dcrawlerCrawler squeeking sound from Diablo 1
!deathLara Croft crunching into the ground death SFX
!deckard“Stay a while and listen!” – Deckard Cain, D2
!deeznutsDeez nuts!
!delete“Delete!” – Pro Wrestler Matt Hardy
!demons“Terrible demons! Ouch!” – Richard Aiken, RE1
!deniedDenied! – Unreal Tournament
!derpsirenA very derpy siren soundbyte
!detonatorGimme the detonator! – Max Payne
!dickey“Here’s Dickie!” – Dick Marcinko
!dickrollA random SFX from Dick Marcinko, Rogue Warrior
!diehard1“Cowboy!” – Hans Grueber
!diehard2Yippi-Kie-Ah, Mother Fucker! – Die Hard
!diehard3Sound like I’m ordering a pizza?! – Die Hard
!diesel“Diesel, Big Daddy Cool!” – The Rock
!dillonsob“Dillon you SOB!” – Predator
!dingThe Price is Right ding sound
!dogA dog barking
!dogg“Oh you didn’t know?!” – “Road Dogg” from WWE
!dontgo“No! Don’t go!” – Chris Redfield, Resident Evil
!doomDoomguy’s grunt from DOOM
!doorThe DOOM door opening soundbyte
!dosh“Dosh here!” – Killing Floor
!doublekillDouble Kill! – Halo
!doublepointsDouble points! – COD Zombies
!dseasy“Is this too easy for you?” – Dark Souls II meme
!dsfrog“Regular frog?” – Dark Souls II meme
!duke1“You’re pissing me off!” – Duke Nukem
!duke2“Waitin’ for, Christmas?” – Duke Nukem
!dundunDramatic sound effect
!dungeater“I can defile ya corpse” – Dung Eater, Elden Ring
!dva“Nerf This!” – D.Va from Overwatch
!dx“We’ve got two words for ya!” – D-X, WWE
!easportsE A Sports! It’s in the game!
!eastereggEaster egg SFX from Gone Home game
!ebola1“I was cast here to die” – Ebola
!ebola2“Die scum!” – Ebola
!ebola3“Get back here” monster – Ebola
!ebola4“Good let it be your way” – Ebola
!ebola5“Thank you, I owe you” – Ebola
!edamageEmotional Damage!
!eggthiefEgg thief laugh from Spyro the Dragon
!eko“We need to focus!” – Eko from Astria Ascending
!eliotEliot falling SFX from Intelligent Qube
!elite“Elite, Be Elite!” – AEW Wrestling
!ellis“Spitter Goo!” – Ellis, Left 4 Dead 2
!endermanEnderman sound from Minecraft
!engorge“Engorge!” – Borderlands DLC
!errands“Did you finish those errands?” – Sponge Bob
!ewjEarthworm Jim title menu sound effect
!failFail sound effect
!fapping1TTV User Morzall0055 fapping sounds
!fapping2More TTV User Morzall0055 fapping sounds
!fartFart sound effect
!fatalityFatality sound effect, Mortal Kombat
!fetchsoulFetch me their souls! – COD Zombies
!ffilesForensic Files show intro jingle
!finishhimFinish Him! – Mortal Kombat
!fire“Fire, fire, heheh” – Beavis & Butthead
!fireworksFireworks SFX
!fireballMario’s fireball sound effect
!floweyFlowey’s laugh from Undertale
!flushA toilet flushing
!freddyFreddy Fazbear screaming from FNAF
!friendshipFriendship sound effect, Mortal Kombat
!fries“You look cute when you eat those fries”
!frogA frog croaking
!froggy“Froggy, is that you?” – Big the Cat
!frosty“Stay frosty!” – Aliens
!fuckedupIt was at this moment he knew, he fucked up
!funbag“Jonesin’ for a fun bag” – Saints Row 1
!funtime“Fun time!” – World of Warcraft
!fwallstreet“Fuck Wallstreet!” – The Walking Dead: 400 Days
!gaben“Hello, my name is Gabe Newell”
!gameover“Game over man!” – Aliens
!gameoveryeahGame over, yeahhhhh!
!garfield“And you thought I was outta shape!” – Garfield
!gary 1-3Insane Gary SFX from Fallout 3
!gas“Where’s the gas?” – Full Throttle
!gd“God damn!” – Max Payne
!genitalsTTV user Badassgamez talks about genitals
!getaload“Get a load of this!” – Dr. Robotnik
!gethGeth sound effects – Mass Effect
!getcha“Gonna getcha!” – Grand Theft Auto III
!gfy1“Go Fuck Yourself” – Brutal DOOM (Male)
!gfy2“Go Fuck Yourself” – Brutal DOOM (Female)
!gg“GG!” – D.Va from Overwatch
!ghostGhost gurgling sound from Phasmophobia
!ghostbusters“Don’t cross the streams!” – Egon
!ghostwireMap update drip sound – Ghostwire Tokyo
!goat“It’s a real goat fuck!” – Dick Marcinko
!godlike“Godlike!” – Unreal Tournament
!goldberg“You’re next!” – Pro Wrestler Goldberg
!gotcha“Gotcha!” – Jax, Mortal Kombat II
!goodluck“I wish you, good luck!” – Street Fighter
!goodnews“Good news, everyone!” – World of Warcraft
!googyTTV User Morzall does the googy sound
!googyhead“I love googyheads!” – Croakitoad
!gowrong1Bubsy saying “What could possible go wrong?!”
!gowrong2Bubsy saying “What could possible go wrong?!”
!gowrong3Bubsy saying “What could possible go wrong?!”
!gowrong4Bubsy saying “What could possible go wrong?!”
!grab“Don’t grab me, Ahh!” – Croakitoad
!grave“Rise from your grave!” – Altered Beast
!greatjob“Great job, Jack!” – Gears Tactics
!greetings“Greetings!” – Albert Wesker, RE: CV
!gremTTV User Zazzeris says “Help is on the weeee!”
!groovy“Groovy!” – Earthworm Jim
!ground1“Threw it on the ground!” – Lonely Island
!ground2“Happy Birthday to the ground!” – Lonely Island
!groundwalker“Die, groundwalker!” – Gears of War
!gudgrifTTV User Cotecio mocking Deb with “Gud Grif!”
!hardline1Previously on Battlefield Hardline, oh it crashed!
!hardline2Same SFX, but with windows crash SFX
!hax“Hacks!” Meme SFX
!headcrabHeadcrab leaping sound – Half-Life
!headshotHeadshot! – Unreal Tournament
!helloHello! – Mario
!hellothere“Hello There!” – Obi-Wan Kenobi
!helpme“Help Me!” – The Hat Man: Shadow Ward
!heresclickyDick Marcinko / Flashlight clicky combo
!herewego“Here we go!” – AJR’s “Bang”
!hewieHewie barks from Haunting Ground
!heyya“Hey, ya!” – Max Payne
!heyyo“Hey, yo” – Scott Hall, WCW
!heyyou“Hey you!” – Mobsters, Max Payne
!hlhealthHalf-Life health machine SFX
!hogan“Whatcha gonna do?!” – Hulk Hogan
!hogs“I was out feeding the hogs…” – Land of the Dead
!holdit“Hold It!” – Nickelodeon All-Stars Brawl
!holyshitHoly Shit! – Unreal Tournament
!honkFreddy Fazbear nose honk SFX
!horde“For the Horde!” – World of Warcraft
!horseman“Get over here you idiot!” – Horseman from WoW
!hot“Hot, hot, hot!” – Corroder, Clock Tower 3
!hungry“You must be hungry!” – Big Boggart, Elden Ring
!hunterHunter death sound from RE1 GBC mod
!illidan“You are not prepared!” – Illidan, WoW
!imbackIntro to Eric Bischoff’s WWE theme song
!imhere“I’m here!” – Demon from Phasmophobia
!imhot“I’m hot and you’re not!” – Grand Theft Auto III
!instakillInstakill! – COD Zombies
!invincible“I’m invincible!” – GoldenEye 007
!iq“Perfect!” – Intelligent Qube, PSX
!iqcodBarry Burton & Intelligent Qube mashup
!jack“Jack! Rip this door!” – Gears of War
!jason“Jason!?” – Heavy Rain
!jcbubsy“Jesus Christ, Bubsy!” – Croakitoad
!jesusPro Wrestler John Zandig screams JESUS!
!jfk“Calm your liver!” – JFK, COD Black Ops
!jigsaw1“Hello, want to play a game?” – Saw
!jigsaw2“I want to play a game” – Saw
!jigsaw3Billy the Puppet laughter SFX
!jill“Am I poisoned?” – Jill Valentine
!jillbean“Where on earth have you bean?” – Jill Valentine
!jillsandwich“Almost a Jill Sandwich!” – Barry Burton, RE1
!jillstars“You want STARS, I’ll give you STARS!” – Jill Valentine
!jobsdoneJobs done! – Warcraft
!jokeBa-Dum-Tiss Drums
!jr1“His eyes are glazed over!” – Jim Ross, WWF
!jr2“But no one’s home!” – Jim Ross, WWF
!jr3“Brains’ on vacation!” – Jim Ross, WWF
!jumpMario’s jump sound effect
!kefkaKefka laugh from Final Fantasy VI
!kendo 1-11All Robert Kendo lines from Resident Evil 2
!kidKid! – Phasmophobia spirit box
!kidsGrunt birthday party – Halo
!killKill! – Phasmophobia spirit box
!kaboomKaboom! – COD Zombies
!keptyou“Kept you waiting, huh?” – Snake
!key“Nothing but the” door locked SFX
!kfcutman“I’m Kung Fu Cutman!” – Mega Man
!knifeKnife sound effect from Wolfenstein 3D
!knock“Knock, knock!” – Soldier 76, Overwatch
!krauser“Been a long time, comrade!” – Jack Krauser, RE4
!kungfu“I know kung fu?” – Land of the Dead
!lacircumstantial“Circumstantial” – Cole Phelps, L.A. Noire
!lacorrectCorrect answer SFX from L.A. Noire
!laughable“Laughable, man!” – The Big Lebowski
!laraWelcome back! – Lara Croft
!lara1“You’ve seen enough? – Lara Croft
!lavenderIntro to Lavender Town in Pokemon Gen 1
!lazar“I’mma Firin’ my lazar!” – Meme
!lechampion“Le Champion!” – Chris Jericho
!leon“Leon!” – Wolfenstein 3D
!leon1“What the hell!” – Leon, Resident Evil 2
!leon2“It’s up to us to take out Umbrella!” – Leon, RE2
!leon3“Get the fuck off!” – Leon, Resident Evil 2
!leon4“Get outta my face!” – Leon, Resident Evil 2
!leonlisten“Why doesn’t anyone ever listen to me?” – Leon
!lightsaberStar Wars lightsaber sound effect
!lightsout“Lights out, motherfucker” – Dick Marcinko
!lips“Not puttin’ my lips on that!” – Full Throttle
!lisa“Tearing me apart, Lisa!” – The Room
!loads“Loads of money!” – Killing Floor
!louis“Do I look like one of them?!” – Louis Left 4 Dead
!lvlWorld of Warcraft level up sound
!machoman“Oooh Yeah!” – “Macho Man” Randy Savage
!madden“Boom!” – John Madden
!malenia“I am Malenia….” – Elden Ring
!mankind1“Mommyyyy!” – Mankind, WWF
!mankind2Squeeling piggy sounds – Mankind, WWF
!marcus“No, no, no, no!” – Marcus Fenix, Gears of War
!mario“It’s-ame, Mario!” – Mario
!mark“Oh hi, Mark!” – The Room
!marvin1“Just go!” – Marvin, Resident Evil 2
!marvin2“Don’t worry about me” – Marvin, Resident Evil 2
!marvin3“Party’s been cancelled!” – Marvin, Resident Evil 2
!mason1“We want the numbers, Mason!” – COD: Black Ops
!mason2“For the last time, numbers!” – COD: Black Ops
!maxammoMax Ammo! – COD Zombies
!meinleben“Mein Leben!” – Wolfenstein 3D
!melted“No! I melted!” – Croakitoad (MG2)
!mike1“Oh yeah, got them scumbags!” – Resident Evil 4
!mike2“C’mon ya gonna kill yourself! – Resident Evil 4
!mike3“Yeah swiped ’em clean!” – Resident Evil 4
!mileena“Your face is too repulsive to eat!” – Mileena
!miley“Yippee!” – Hannah Montana
!mine“Mine! Mine! Mine! Mine!” – Finding Nemo
!minutes“In a few minutes, bitch!” – The Room
!missionfailed“Mission Failed, we’ll get ’em next time!” – COD
!mondays“Uh oh! A case of the Mondays!” – Office Space
!money“Money, money, money!” – Killing Floor
!monsterkill“M-M-M-Monster Kill!” – Unreal Tournament
!mortis“Mortis!” SFX from FAITH: Unholy Trinity
!morzallMorzall says “Come here little boy, hehehehe!”
!mpviolinMax Payne violin theme SFX
!murlocMurloc call from World of Warcraft
!myfault“It wasn’t my fault!” – Gene Snitsky, WWE
!mytoesMy toes! – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
!natla“No time for abortions now!” – Natla, TR1
!naughty“Naughty, naughty!” – Double Dragon Neon
!nehc“Brother Chen, Barkhang” in reverse, TR2
!nemesis“STARS!” – Nemesis, Resident Evil 3
!nerffartThe infamous Nerf This fart sound. Ugh!
!nicehair“Nice hair, idiot!” – Chris Jericho
!nintendoOpening Nintendo sound from Yoshi’s Story
!nixon“No touchie!” – Nixon, COD Black Ops
!noNo! – Lara Croft
!nodNation of Domination intro from WWF
!noman“No man, shit no man” – Lawrence, The Office
!nope“Nope!” – TF2 Engineer
!nopefallMotorcyclist falling from Nope, the movie
!nopemovie“Nope, Nahuh!” – Nope, the movie
!nouTTV user Plifer says “no, you!”
!nularaLara Croft insults everybody
!nurseNurse scream from Dead by Daylight
!nvgSplinter Cell night vision goggles sound effect
!nwoNew World Order sound effect
!objection“Objection!” – Phoenix Wright
!ocelot“Call me Revolver Ocelot!” – Metal Gear Solid
!ohno“What? Oh no!” – Family Guy
!ohshit“Oh, shit!” – Soldiers, Half-Life
!omg“Wow, oh my God!” – Arash’s “Oh my God!”
!opnessTTV User Ashterial says “op’ness”
!otisTransceiver call sound from Dead Rising
!ouch“Ouch!” – Richard Aiken, Resident Evil 1
!ouchie“Ouchie time!” – Brightwing from HOTS
!ourballsTTV user Roxas997 says “Our balls hit each other”
!overline“Over the line!” – The Big Lebowski
!owoTTV user Ashterial does “oWo” impression
!painLara Croft pain sound from Tomb Raider
!painkillerPainkiller usage sound from Max Payne
!panic“Everybody panic!” – Jinx, League of Legends
!parryParry sound effect from Dark Souls
!peekaboo“Peekaboo” – Joe Peschi, Casino
!penguinPenguin squeeking SFX from Summer Paws
!pennywise1“I’m Pennywise the dancing clown!” – IT
!pennywise2“Heya Georgie!” – IT
!perfect“Perfect!” – Street Fighter II
!permit“Permit Denied” – Hasselhoff from Kung Fury
!pervert“Oh, pervert!” – Ashley from RE4
!pharahfailPharah from Overwatch tries ult and fails
!pickupQuake 1 pickup SFX
!piggsy1“No more!” – Piggsy, Manhunt
!piggsy2“Go to bed and sleeeep”! – Piggsy, Manhunt
!piggsy3“Piggsy’s Home!” – Piggsy, Manhunt
!pikachu“Pika-Pi!” – Pikachu, Pokémon
!pills“Pills here!” – Bill, Left 4 Dead
!pinhead“No more games!” – Pinhead from Hellraiser
!pizza“Sit there and eat pizza?” James, SH2
!pizzadude“Pizza dude’s got 30 seconds!” – TMNT Movie
!pleaseno“Oh god, please no!” – Michael Scott, The Office
!pliferTTV user Plifer says “That’s what we want!”
!plowing“I’m plowing this dude” – Croakitoad
!pokemonPokemon Center healing jingle
!polar“Freeze balls off polar bear” – Dick Marcinko
!pooner“Look at this pooner!” – Croakitoad
!portalguyd“Portal Guy D, this is YOUR fault!” – Croakitoad
!powerup“Power Up!” – Altered Beast
!praisesun“Praise the sun, Praise the sun!” – Dark Souls meme
!predatorPredator clicking sound from the movie
!prettygood“You’re pretty good!” – Revolver Ocelot from MGS
!problem“Gonna have a problem?” – Battlefield Hardline
!psxSony PlayStation intro sound effect
!pwsCompletion ding from PowerWash Sim
!quackDuck quacking sound
!quakeQuake jumping grunt sound
!raven“Quote the Raven, nevemore!”
!re2Resident Evil 2 cursor sound effect
!ready“I’m ready!” – Sponge Bob
!rebecca“Scary monsters!” – Rebecca, Resident Evil
!reloadReload! Reload! Reload! – Area 51
!ricflair“Whoooooo!” – Ric Flair
!ringsSonic losing rings sound effect
!roger“Roger, roger!” – Star Wars droids
!roxasTTV user Roxas997 says “I’m smart now!”
!roxas1TTV user Roxas997 says “I suck!”
!rumbleWWE Royal Rumble entrant buzzer
!run“Run” – Meme SFX & Jingle
!ruready“Ya’ll ready for this?” – Jock Jams
!sal“Sal Bandini, wanna wrestle?” – Ready to Rumble
!sandy1“Stupid somewhere else?” – Sandy, Sponge Bob
!sandy2“Tough nuts to crack!” – Sandy, Sponge Bob
!sandy3“Cowabunga!” – Sandy, Sponge Bob
!sandy4“Openin’ a big can of…” – Sandy, Sponge Bob
!saveCroakitoad does the BAG saved it line
!sayhello“Say hello to my little friend!” – Scarface
!scissorman“Come on, Alyssa!” – Clock Tower 3
!scissorwoman“Snippity snap, I did it!” – Clock Tower 3
!scorpion“Get over here!” – Scorpion, Mortal Kombat
!screenshotA camera snapping SFX
!screwaround“Stop screwin’ around!” – Adler, South Park
!sea“Nothing but the sea” – The Ghost Ship
!searap“Nothing but the sea” made into a rap song
!secondtime“I won’t lose a second time!” – Dynasty Warriors 5
!secretTomb Raider secret SFX
!sega“SEGA” video game intro
!sega1“Coffee, tea, SEGA!!” from Sega commercial
!selling“What are ya sellin’?” – RE4 Merchant
!shellshockOh, shellshock! – TMNT
!shoosh“Shoooosh!” – Chad Gable, WWE
!shotgunDOOM Shotgun blast SFX
!shutup“Shut up!”
!slapGetting Slapped SFX
!slasher 1-2“Pint Sized Slasher, Heelllp!” – Fallout 3
!slapnut“Choke on that, slapnut!” – Jeff Jarrett, WCW
!slapnuts“Listen up, slapnuts!” – Jeff Jarrett, WCW
!sleepy“Nighty night, sleepytime” – Dick Marcinko
!slowdown“Slow down, life savored!” – World of Warcraft
!smackSmacking sound
!snake“This is Snake!” – Snake, Metal Gear Solid
!snoop“Time for a little snoop & poop” – Dick Marcinko
!snowman“It’s a snowman!” – Croakitoad
!solvethis“..Be dead by the time you solve this!” – 7th Guest
!somebattles“Some battles you win” – Dynasty Warriors
!spaceballs“Everybody got that, huh?! – Spaceballs
!spyro“Ya gotta believe!” – Spyro the Dragon
!squeekySqueeky dark baby sound from Silent Hill
!squishyEnemy squished under DOOM door
!stfuShut the fuck up!
!sub“Shut up, bitch!” – The Rock, WWE
!summoner“Stay away from the Summoner” – Final Fantasy
!suki“Suki, suki!” – Battlefield Hardline
!surpriseSurprise mothafucka!
!sweat“That’s victory sweat!” – The Outer Worlds
!sylvanas1Sylvanas sings from World of Warcraft
!sylvanas2“What joy in this curse? – Sylvanas, WoW
!sylvanas3“Slaves to torment?” – Sylvanas, WoW
!tad1Croakitoad makes a smirking sound
!tadnaniCroakitoad says “Nani?” with voicemod
!tadorableTadorable frog SFX – Ni no Kuni
!tadpink“It’s PINK!” – Croakitoad
!tadpizza“Pizza! You can’t have any!” – Croakitoad, QuakeCon 2023
!tadzens“Nobody outzens the zen” – Croakitoad
!tayder“Tayyyyydertotz!” – Croakitoad, voice changer
!tdfwTurn down for what / Astria Ascending tandem
!teddyCall of Duty Nazi Zombies Teddy Laughter
!teemo1“Hut, two three…” – Teemo, League of Legends
!teemo2“That’s gotta sting!” – Teemo, League of Legends
!teemo3“Size doesn’t mean..” – Teemo, League of Legends
!teemo4Teemo laughing SFX, League of Legends
!thankyoo“Ah, thank yooooo!” – Chad Gable, WWE
!thankyouThank You! – Resident Evil 4 Merchant
!thebest“I’m the best!” – Moreau from RE: Village
!thejesus“Don’t fuck with the Jesus” – The Big Lebowski
!thekid“You shootin’ at me?” – The Kid, Tomb Raider
!thelist“You just made the list!” – Chris Jericho
!thereitis“Oh yeah there it is!” – Blair Witch
!therock“Do you smell what The Rock is cookin’?”
!thespot“I’ll see you guys back at that spot!” – Badassgamez
!theworldGarbled Street Fighter announcer
!thicc“Dummy thicc and alerted the guards! – Snake
!tidusTidus laughing – Final Fantasy X
!tmntapril“Any comments?” – April, Shredder’s Revenge
!tmntcasey“Batter up!” – Casey, Shredder’s Revenge
!tmntdonnie“Just a minute!” – Donnie, Shredder’s Revenge
!tmntleo“Deep breaths!” – Leo, Shredder’s Revenge
!tmntmikey“Party dude!” – Mikey, Shredder’s Revenge
!tmntraph“So what now?” – Raph, Shredder’s Revenge
!toad“Time for Adventure!” – Captain Toad
!tooslow“You’re too slow!” –
!touchdownTouchdown SFX from Tecmo Super Bowl
!tr2shark“Who puts a shark there?” – Croakitoad
!trap“It’s a trap!” – Star Wars
!treasureResident Evil 4 treasure sound
!triplekillTriple Kill! – Halo
!tromboneSad trombone fail sound
!trophyPlayStation 4 trophy unlocking sound
!tryagainGarbled Street Fighter announcer
!tunnelsnakes“Tunnel snakes rule!” – Fallout 3
!turnitup“Turn it up!” – Too Cool WWE entrance
!ty“Thank you!” – Lara Croft, Tomb Raider
!typrincess“Well THANK YOOO, princess!”
!ubisoftThe video game Ubisoft intro SFX
!ughEnemy dying sound from Max Payne
!unoCalling Uno! SFX
!victoryVictory fanfare theme from Final Fantasy
!vince“Life sucks, then you die!” – Vince McMahon
!vincent“Climb the shit outta you!” – Catherine
!warriorWarrior needs food badly! – Gauntlet
!wb“Welcome back!” – Lara Croft, Tomb Raider 2
!wbphasmo“Welcome back!” – Phasmophobia
!weasel“Bonk goes the weasel!” – COD: Zombies
!wesker1“Don’t open that door!” – Wesker, Resident Evil
!wesker2“I’m counting on you!” – Wesker, Resident Evil
!wesker3“Don’t come this way!” – Wesker, Resident Evil
!whambulance“Call the whambulance? – Mercy, Overwatch
!what“What?!” – “Stone Cold” Steve Austin
!whatchuwant“Whatchuwant?!” – Crazy Earl from Borderlands
!wheezeTTV user Badassgamez wheeze SFX
!whistleMobster whistling from Max Payne
!whoanelly“Whoa nelly!” – Earthworm Jim
!whocares“Whooooo cares?” – Screwed
!whoopie“Whoopie fuckin’ do!” – Aliens
!whoswithme“Who’s with me?!” – Rainbow Six: Vegas
!widowmaker“One shot, one kill!” – Widowmaker, Overwatch
!wilhelmThe infamous Wilhelm scream
!winner“Here is your winner!” – WWE 2K22
!wontshoot“Come on, won’t shoot!” – Rainbow Six: Vegas
!woohooWoohoo! – Disney Enchanted Princess SFX
!wowTTV user Portal_guy_d says “Wow!”
!wrestle“Hey mister, wanna wrestle?” – Shenmue
!wrestlingfake“Wrestling is FAKE!” – Meme SFX
!wtfMeme: What in the fuck was that?
!wth“What the hell? – Mobsters, Max Payne
!wutda“What the?!” – Mobsters, Max Payne
!xmas“What you waiting for, XMAS?” – Duke Nukem
!xpstartWindows XP start soundbyte
!xt“I’m ready to play!” – Lil’ XT, World of Warcraft
!yakuzaMission completed SFX, Yakuza
!ygmAOL: You’ve got mail!
!yoshiYoshi! Ohwowowowowoo!
!youdiedDying sound effect from Dark Souls
!youlose“You Lose!” – Street Fighter II
!yousuck“You Suck!” – Shao Kahn, Mortal Kombat II
!yourfast“Man, you’re fast!” – Rainbow Six: Vegas
!youwin“You Win!” – Street Fighter II
!yummyChewing sounds from Castle Wolfenstein
!yw“You’re welcome!” – Perry Saturn, WWE
!zenyatta“Experience Tranquility!” – Zenyatta
!zombieLoud female zombie shriek from RE2