Smash Bash

Smash Bash is a once a month tournament that allows Twitch viewers from the Croakitoad community to select a character to represent them in a one night, single elimination tournament to the finish via simulated matches! Every month we do this to see who wins and to give a little representation to Super Smash Brothers and the Nintendo Switch! If you’d like to join next time, just come on by when you see it being streamed or keep your eyes peeled in the Discord!


April 2021: Pyra (Ashterial)
May 2021: Bowser (LaurenFaith2016)
June 2021: Kirby (Joenado97)
July 2021: Richter (Portal_guy_d)
August 2021: Pyra (Ashterial)
September 2021: Ganondorf (NE_Dave) & Kirby (Julie508)
October 2021: Mega Man (Wizardboz12)
November 2021: Wii Fit Trainer (BaconLara)
December 2021: Zero Suit Samus (Ashterial)


January 2022: Kirby (Julie508)
February 2022: Snake (CokeSodaCan)
March 2022: Isabelle (Mz_Amy_Pond)
April 2022: Mega Man (Wizardboz12)
May 2022: Ness (ZulJin_TheToxic) & Shulk (RhiTexxy)
June 2022: Zelda (Fentonyl_) & Wii Fit Trainer (BaconLara)
July 2022: Kazuya (ClosingSniper)
August 2022: Sephiroth (Scorpios9472)
September 2022: Ice Climbers (Croakitoad)
October 2022: Cloud (Roxas997)
November 2022: Snake (Cokesodacan)
December 2022: Byleth (Synthsolutionmusic)


January 2023: Mr. Game & Watch (Featsbeatsgames)
February 2023: Yoshi (Zazzeris)
March 2023: Kazuya (ClosingSniper)
April 2023: Kirby (wtfChoc)
May 2023: Kazuya (ClosingSniper)
June 2023: Kazuya (ClosingSniper)
July 2023: Captain K. Rool (BamdicootGaming)
August 2023: Snake (Cokesodacan)
September 2023: Incineroar (Khaotix)
October 2023: Pokémon Trainer (Mz_Amy_Pond)
November 2023: Sora (Roxas997)
December 2023: Mega Man (Wizardboz12)


January 2024: Richter (Cygnified)
February 2024: Pac-Man (EaglesFlyDay)
March 2024: Lucina (Ashterial)
April 2024: Pokémon Trainer (Mz_Amy_Pond)
May 2024: