Guest Streamers

Sometimes when I am away and unable to stream, some members of the Croakitoad community will jump in to “guest stream” on nights to spread awareness to themselves and their own channels, and also help keep the Croakitoad channel active over the weekend! Here is a list of the usual guest streamers who you might find streaming while I am away!

Ashterial usually streams Blizzard related games such as Overwatch, Diablo Immortals and World of Warcraft, but can also stream multiplayer Steam games that allows for anyone to play and participate. She is mostly a PC gamer and might play a few games that you might not have heard of before like Inscyption or other Steam indy darlings that is really great for bringing variety to the table.
Zazzeris can be found usually playing retro games and really enjoys his classic nostalgic games from the past. However, he’ll also surprise us with something from Diablo Immortals, Overwatch or other PC related games, as he’s also a PC gamer. He will also toss in a multiplayer game or two like Killing Floor or Pummel Party just to get a little participation in from the community.
Coke really loves his racing, stealth and FPS games so that’s what you’ll mostly be seeing from him when he stands in for a guest stream. He enjoys his Tomb Raider, Max Payne, Call of Duty and other related stealth and shooter games. He also enjoys getting a few Overwatch games or jumping into a night of Phasmophobia which has become a popular game here.
Cygnified is a mixed bag as you’ll either see him play something really nostalgic from the past like a Castlevania or Mega Man, or jump right into the heat of things in Final Fantasy XIV; and trust me, there’s a LOT of Final Fantasy XIV so if that’s your jam, you’ll definitely want to be there when Cygnified gets in on a night of guest streaming on the channel.
Mosher really loves playing things that most people have never heard of, or PC/Steam games that have just been released on the market. He stays up to date on his game releases, really playing open world MMO’s or the latest on the ghost hunting genre. Whenever you see a Mosher stream, you’ll know you will be getting something that literally just released in the gaming world.