12-Hour Phasmophobia Livestreaming Marathon


On September 3rd, 2022 I decided to organize a 12-hour Phasmophobia marathon event just to have some fun and hunt some ghosts! We did the full twelve hours nonstop on the official Twitch channel and even threw on the VR headset towards the last few hours of the event just to top it all off! Thanks to everybody for coming out and playing a few rounds with me throughout the day! We started from 2PM CST and ended a little after 2AM CST! I might do this again in the future, as Phasmophobia seems to be a game that I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of or bored of, especially with more and more updates constantly churning out for the game!

Here is a direct link to the Twitch VOD in case the embed doesn’t work!

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