30-Man WWE 2K20 Viewer Simulation Rumble

We decided to hold a simulated thirty man Royal Rumble match on the WWE 2K20 video game on Steam, since there really isn’t much use for it anywhere else in the e-fed regard. We had thirty community members pick a WWE superstar to represent them in this rumble match, who did it come down to?! And just because the game can’t get enough of itself, the game actually CRASHED on the winner’s screen after the match was over. Sometimes you just can’t book this stuff. Really hoping that WWE 2K22 is a great, overall, solid game that can be used to bring the fun of e-fedding back to the community! This just goes to show that WWE 2K20 was not a great release and it still boggles me to this day how they could release a game like this that just refuses to work like it does.

1. Triple H @Roxas (DQ’d by Rey Mysterio)
2. Shinsuke Nakamura @ne_dave (DQ’d by Keith Lee)
3. Keith Lee @Seantheshow (DQ’d by Rey Mysterio)
4. Jeff Hardy @mz_amy_pond (DQ’d by Mankind)
5. Bray Wyatt @Ash (DQ’d by Rey Mysterio)
6. Rey Mysterio @Linky (DQ’d by Jeff Hardy)
7. Ric Flair @pLifer (DQ’d by Jeff Hardy)
8. Roman Reigns @laurenFaith2016 (DQ’d by Goldberg/Thorne)
9. Mustafa Ali @GrEm (DQ’d by Rey Mysterio)
10. Seth Rollins @Jess moxie (DQ’d by Goldberg)
11. Mankind @Jherr94 (DQ’d by Goldberg/Reigns)
12. Goldberg @Ryasyr/dod/Tobs (DQ’d by Shane Thorne)
13. Kevin Owens @portal (DQ’d by Roman Reigns)
14. Dolph Ziggler @Sev (DQ’d by Goldberg)
15. Shane Thorne @Finn? (DQ’d by John Cena)
16. Finn Balor @AlbaDragon88 (DQ’d by Shelton Benjamin)
17. Drew McIntyre @Julie508 (DQ’d by John Cena)
18. John Cena @BaconLara (DQ’d by Kane)
19. Shelton Benjamin @.rcm (DQ’d by Randy Savage)
20. The Rock @?????????? (DQ’d by Kane)
21. Kane @Anubis Khan (DQ’d by Randy Savage)
22. Randy Savage @Nado (DQ’d by Dusty Rhodes)
23. Dusty Rhodes @CkeSodaCan (DQ’d by Andre the Giant)
24. Shane McMahon @Chewy (DQ’d by Dusty Rhodes)
25. Steve Austin @PhantomCaboose (DQ’d by Shane McMahon)
26. Scott Hall @croakitoad? (DQ’d by Shane McMahon)
27. Brock Lesnar @CJ Phillips (DQ’d by Dusty Rhodes)
28. Andre the Giant @MrKantot (WINNER)
29. Robert Roode @Jerromy (DQ’d by Undertaker/Andre)
30. Undertaker @wizardboz12 (DQ’d by Andre)

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