Let’s Play Agony (Steam)

First of all, this is the regular rated mature version, as the free expansion cannot be livestreamed on Twitch since it is rated Adults Only. Yes, it’s THAT game. The one everybody was clamoring over upon release because we hadn’t really seen anything quite like we see in this game up to this point, and probably even since. Visually, this game is wild and absolutely crazy. When you get to the gameplay and the story, things start to drop pretty rapidly. Prepare to be confused most of the time, as the game tries its best to tell you what to do, but you are left wondering where to go and what to do in most cases. The story is absolutely confusing unless you take the time and are lucky enough to find all of the documents throughout the game. Even then, I’m sure the plot will be really hard to follow. Either way, this game was gifted to me by Fuse4Spence a few years back, so we dove straight to Hell on this one.

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