Let’s Play Black Mesa by Knee (Left 4 Dead 2 Custom Map)

This was one of the very first custom campaigns we ever played for Left 4 Dead 2, in July 2022. I felt like this one as compared to the other ones we played that night was a bit more difficult, with special spawns being a lot more frequent and not enough (if any) rooms to revive any fallen teammates. The difficulty spike on this custom campaign was pretty apparent compared to the other ones we did. I think we all collectively felt like the lack of spawn rooms and just the constant barrage of hordes and special infected really took away from the spectacular level design that the creator did on this map. Other than that, this was really cool and I definitely encourage any Half-Life fan to try this one out!

  • Let’s Play Resident Evil Gaiden
    Let’s Play Resident Evil Gaiden

    We finally play through the Game Boy Color video game that has always eluded me, until now! Leon, Barry & Lucia must escape the cruise ship Starlight while a menacing tyrant chases after them with unique abilities. This game can be pretty tough if you don’t know where to go or what to do

  • Let’s Play Assassin’s Creed Freedom Cry
    Let’s Play Assassin’s Creed Freedom Cry

    In this short story DLC game to Black Flag that’d later become its own released game, you play as Adéwalé in his own assassin adventure. I’ve never felt more like a hulking, brutish bad ass than while playing this game, and I absolutely loved it. He was cleaving and carving his way through with his…

  • Let’s Play Fears to Fathom (1-3) (Steam)
    Let’s Play Fears to Fathom (1-3) (Steam)

    I play through all three original episodes of the Fears to Fathom series, all containing a short spooky story! One involves being home alone, another being alone on a road trip and the other involving a relationship gone bad. Pretty scary IRL situations for sure