A few months later after beating the main Borderlands base game, we come back to run through Zombie Island, Claptrap Revolution & Armory of General Knoxx to finally close out our Borderlands experience. We also did the Mad Moxxi Underdome wave based challenge but that is not included in this VOD. I thought all three were pretty fun, with General Knoxx being the longest questwise and also getting around wise, as its more focused on vehicular combat and long distances. The other two were good and humorous in their own ways, and I’m glad we were able to plow through all three of these. The references from Claptrap Revolution were probably my personal favorite part of the game, as it just has so many easter eggs and name drops from the other DLC’s as you go along through it, plus Cluck-Trap! Can’t go wrong with that! On the Borderlands agenda, up next will be the Borderlands Pre-Sequel!