Follow Vincent in his personal life as he makes relationship choices based on you, the player. You can either go with Katherine, who’s your current girlfriend, or go with Catherine, who just simply shows up out of nowhere and doesn’t seem to want to go away or take any hints of you wanting her to go away. I personally went with the Katherine route, since she said we might be pregnant and decided to be a mature young man, despite the game really wanting Vincent to be a severe fuckup. So yeah, we went the good boy route with this playthrough all the way up to the ending cutscene of the game which ended in a happy story all the way around. I felt like the music and art style were really good and I enjoyed them, despite not really being much of an anime fan. The puzzles were a different story, and got really difficult really quickly. Towards the end of the game, I had to use a video guide to help me get through some of the crap that the game tossed at me which I felt like took away from the story it was trying to tell. Otherwise, not a bad game if you are into visual novels and want an interesting story that wants to go anywhere it wants to go as it unravels.