Follow the DOOM Guy in this amazing rework from the original game released back in the 90’s from ID Software. This was only my second time playing through this game, and I can say the second time I definitely learned to appreciate this masterpiece a whole lot more. The music is incredible, the gore and action is second to none and the ambience is just amazing. This game really is hard to beat on all levels. I really enjoyed my run here, playing on normal difficulty and could have definitely bumped it up at least one more notch up to hard for sure. I only died a handful of times, realizing that I had underestimated my skills for the game. I might have to return to this game again later down the road and try it on hard or even worse, and see how far I get. At any rate, this is an incredible game and I definitely recommend it to anyone who is a fan of gory FPS games, because this will definitely hit the spot!