After playing through this game in 2022, I don’t really know where all the hate comes from for this game! Maybe back when it was released there were some bugs and issues with the game, but I didn’t come across any of that playing it in current day. I can understand why some people might be upset about the time it took to get this game released, but is that really something to count against the final product once its released? I don’t think so. I judge the game based on the presentation in front of me, and I found no real issue with this game whatsoever! There was one glitch at the beginning with an NPC’s head, but other than that everything went quite well. If you aren’t into mature adult humor, this game might not be for you, but it’s Duke Nukem! I honestly thought this was just your run of the mill average 2010’s FPS video game with some tongue in cheek humor, nothing more and nothing less. Certainly not a “worst game of all time” at all.