Let’s Play Final Fantasy IV

The fourth Final Fantasy entry into the legendary game franchise features a popular cast of characters and one of the highly featured storylines of the early JRPG video games! This game will take you across the land, typical for the games up to this point, and also down below, such as Final Fantasy III. However, we’ll also be going up into the moon on this particular adventure! I find this storyline has a lot better narrative than previous titles, but the job system is very hand holdy, forcing you to play the game by how the story wants you to play it. I didn’t like this, as I like the freedom to be able to choose how my party members work together. I know we’ll be back to this in V, so I’m definitely looking forwards to that! This was the first Final Fantasy I ever played in my life many years ago, so it was fun to revisit this game and officially put it on the books as a completion here at Croakitoad. I don’t remember the final boss of Zeromus being as difficult as he was the first time around, but with a bit of patience and some strategy we were able to take him down and get the big victory! I will be playing the Final Fantasy IV: After Years DLC expansion at some point, so keep your eyes peeled for that one as well!

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