The next Gears game in the finale trilogy is up next, and we do this cooperatively alongside ClosingSniper, Cokesodacan, Zazzeris, Ashterial and Roxas997. Together, we take turns plowing through the locust and the lambent enemies from the fatal conclusion at Gears of War 2. This game is so bittersweet for me, as it’s really a fun game, but the story takes a really sad and disappointing turn towards the end of the journey. I love going through this alongside four peeps in the campaign, but the story… I just can’t get over what happens. It’s a huge tearjerker and if you’ve played this adventure you know exactly what I’m talking about. Almost to the point where really the Gears of War series never really got back to its glory after this game. It is fun while it lasts, however and is always a really great time co-oping it up with all the friends chainsawing through the locust hordes.