This actually didn’t last quite as long as I thought it was going to, and I was pretty much taking my time running through this game. I guess that explains why there is an achievement for beating the game in under a minute or something, right? This wasn’t my first time running through the game in my life, so I knew what to expect and what the finish was going to be, but I had no idea the attic triggered the final cutscene, so be wear of that if you’ve not played this one before! I remember the first time playing this, expecting something crazy to happen like aliens, monsters, ghosts or a serial killer to pop out. We were talking and we believe this might be one of the originators when it comes to “Walking Sims” in the game genre, does this sound correct? Maybe not as old as Myst, but there’s not really much puzzling in this game as there is just finding documents to trigger dialogue about what is happening to your family while you’ve been gone abroad.