Let’s Play Grave of the Petrified (Steam VR)

Thanks to my wonderful community at Croakitoad on Twitch, I was finally able to purchase my very first VR headset in the form of the Oculus Quest 2! I quickly went to Steam and looked through the free to play horror games utilizing the technology and found this game among many others. This is the very first game (outside of Phasmophobia) that I ever played in VR, and it was actually really cool and wicked for being a free game! While it is rather short and just a fetch quest for three items before leaving the room, it can get pretty scary at times, especially when Medusa is chasing you around and looks incredible in VR! For anyone new to VR gaming and looking for a game to kind of test out the capabilities, I actually recommend this game to get your feet wet! I really enjoyed this, and look forwards to maybe something more coming from this game. You don’t see too many Medusa-based games really at all, so this was pretty unique!

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