This was the first time I had ever played Halo Wars, after having let it slide by me all of this time. I always knew I wanted to try the game out and see what it was all about, so it was always a lingering game in the Halo franchise I knew I wanted to shoot for. Once I upgraded my Gamepass, I knew I would be able to finally play the entire campaign cooperatively with ClosingSniper, so that’s what we did! We ran through the entire game, getting gold medals on almost every mission and scoring the PAR time on almost every mission as well. We also collected nearly all of the black boxes and skulls on every map as well! Not bad for my first time running through the game! A few of the missions were a bit annoying with the escorting and whatnot, but overall a really fun game if you are into RTS style strategy games and the Halo universe! I definitely recommend this, especially with coop enabled!