Let’s Play Kendo’s Cut & Kendo’s Uncut (Resident Evil Mods)

Well, it’s about time I played my very first ever Resident Evil mod and certainly the community has been waiting for me to play this one since last year. So, let’s go! We play through the Kendo’s Cut and the Kendo’s Uncut back to back, and find out what EXACTLY happened during the events and timeline of Resident Evil 2! This is what REALLY happened, people! Expect lots of laughs, weird moments and tons of memes. It seemed like the Kendo’s Cut original was a step in the door to try different things out and throw a few laughs in there, but by the time you get to the Uncut version, all bets are off. Everything flies out of the window and everything you thought you knew about Resident Evil is completely obliterated! Enjoy!

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