This was the first time I’ve ever played a LEGO video game with somebody cooperatively and it was actually a lot of fun! We did this utilizing Parsec and the couch coop function that is built into the game. We made it through the entire game from the first two Hobbit movies, which left us wondering why the heck the third Hobbit movie was never included into this game? The game and the movie came out in the same year, and I guess plans were to have the third movie included as DLC, but why rush the game out when they knew a third movie was coming out anyway? Really strange… Either way, we completed all of the levels and chapters in the game leading up to Smaug leaving the dwarven city and about to run amuck on the countryside which is where the game leaves off. Despite the abrupt finish to the game, we had a lot of fun playing through the game side by side!