Let’s Play Metal Gear

Not to be confused with Metal Gear Solid, released on the PlayStation. This is the original bad boy and the one that started it all for the Metal Gear franchise. Released on the MSX and the NES, this is the MSX version released through GOG.com in around 2020. I was so glad to revisit this game and get a second run through the game. I still used a guide because while the game can be mostly linear, it is very easy to get lost in this game since a lot of the rooms look the same and there are several buildings. Next time around, I will play on the normal difficulty setting because playing on easy is getting a bit too easy. This is the first time you cross paths with Big Boss, but not the last.

  • Let’s Play Sonic & Knuckles
    Let’s Play Sonic & Knuckles

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  • Let’s Play Gears of War: Judgment
    Let’s Play Gears of War: Judgment

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