A very short psychological horror game that doesn’t make a whole lot of sense in almost every aspect. It seems more like a tech demo of all the things you can do while making it a horror game and make it be pretty scary. The steam reviews are mostly negative for this, so I knew I had to play it. It does function and it didn’t break (mostly) for me, but the storyline and theme of the game is just really hard to understand. The visuals are pretty cool, kinda reminding me of the pixel-moving walls from Tomb Raider. You can beat this game in under an hour. I had to actually look up a video on what to do, because you can’t move the baby block puzzles while looking in the crib, you have to do it by standing like four feet away and switch the words out, kind of an annoying oversight on that one. Outside of that, a breeze through Steam’s indy horror department.