Let’s Play Pokémon Emerald

We have finally entered the world of generation three in Pokémon! We enter the battle happening between Team Magma & Team Aqua and fight to restore balance to the world before it is too late and one of these two gangs do something really terrible that is irreversible and cannot be changed! Amidst the in-fighting between the two teams, we are also training to become the great Pokémon master and defeat the Elite 4 to become the overall champion, even beating our dad in the process! With my team of very under-appreciated, overlooked mediocre Pokémon, we are able to defeat the entire game and get the big W at the end of the day! With a team like Luvdisc, Dustox, Magmarock, Banette and others, we are able to take team underdog all the way to the end and become victorious!

Here’s the full ending team that I used to beat the game with:

Banette – HerrGengar (Lvl. 60)
Dustox – Cygnified (Lvl. 60)
Magmarock – Morzall0055 (Lvl. 60)
Luvdisc – Zazzeris (Lvl. 61)
Kecleon – Celestia1416 (Lvl. 60)
Grumpig – AzurRayne (Lvl. 60)

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