This is basically a wave based shooter game in VR that has you standing in place and taking out hordes of zombies that come in different variants, as well as a few creatures like giant spiders that eventually come for you. Once you get past the obvious final boss, you win the game. I played this on normal just to get my bearings, and I’m glad I did. You only get a limited amount of lives to continue through the game, and it does get really hard, especially for the fact that you just cannot move or walk around. You’ve got to be quick with your pistol and shotgun, and there is no laser sight in this game like there was for Resident Evil 4 VR, so it makes it even harder. Your health is based on regeneration, but when you get swarmed you go down fast. Not bad for a free VR game on Steam, but I can definitely see how RE4 VR capitalized on something like this and made it way more enjoyable and playable.