Let’s Play Resident Evil 6 (Complete Coop)

It’s time for *THAT* Resident Evil, yeah, that one. I took turns playing with different members of the community as we made it through all of the campaigns cooperatively from the Leon/Helena start to the Ada/Agent finish line. This isn’t the best Resident Evil by any means, but it can still have some merits in co-op with friends. It needed to be done regardless, and was a Twitch channel community redemption, so this was it. Stil fun to see Leon, Chris, Sherry and Ada all interact with one another during different points of the campaign, bringing those old nostalgia feels back. There were some pretty funny and meme moments throughout this campaign alongside the different partners I had getting through the entire campaign. Despite the game being frowned upon, it can be a funny, good time at certain points. Definitely the better part in my opinion is the Leon/Helena opening chapters, where there’s more horror than the whole “action packed” part of the rest of the game.

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    Let’s Play PowerWash Simulator

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