Let’s Play Resident Evil (Remake)

It finally came down to the one hundredth game completed at Croakitoad on Twitch! What game did I decide for it to be? None other than a variation of my favorite game of all time, and what also happened to be completion number one for my channel as well! It was just simply poetic to bring out the Resident Evil remake for my 100th game on Twitch, and it was so much fun to revisit this gem as well. I’ve been saving up all the horror games I can for October, but this one time I’d make an exception considering it was the special landmark 100 completion at the channel! Thanks to everybody for joining me along this brand new adventure since March and I appreciate everybody who’s been there to watch live or see these videos on YouTube! Here’s to 200 completions!!

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    Let’s Play Sonic & Knuckles

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