It’s time for the first Resident Evil game to be featured for Horror Month on Twitch for 2021! I decided to start it all off with the original Revelations just because I couldn’t remember a lot of the game, and I feel like the storyline of this game just isn’t the greatest. A lot of the characters are completely unrelatable to me and I just found myself not really caring about what was going on. It seemed like it was just Chris and Jill surrounded by a bunch of dorks and characters that didn’t really have a good backstory to them. The story itself is really weird and just hard to believe it’s part of the Resident Evil franchise. Either way, we made it through the game. I do find that the locator engine in the game is pretty fun and some of the monsters and bosses are pretty cool. The final boss is really annoying and probably one of the worst boss dynamics of the franchise.