Let’s Play Shadow Ops: Red Mercury

Well, this certainly was a game. There are 25 levels of run and gun and FPS with a few stealth levels tossed into the mix. What makes this game really unique and also really lackluster is the fact that there are absolutely no checkpoints or saves. If you die, no matter what difficulty it is, you have to restart the whole level from scratch. Fortunately, most of the levels are quite short even if they are annoyingly full of just constant spawning enemies. I feel like I killed over 10,000 baddies through the process of this game because they just toss them out at you every single corner and they are just constantly coming at you. Who could afford so many bad guys on their payroll, I mean honestly? Either way, we got through it despite getting caught up on “Day To Day To Day,” the worst level in the game, in my opinion. Not too many people have heard nor played of this game before, so hopefully this walkthrough helps out some people in the future.

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    Let’s Play Resident Evil Gaiden

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    Let’s Play Fears to Fathom (1-3) (Steam)

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