Let’s Play Visage

Three ghost stories take place in the same house and they just continue to get weirder and spookier. I’ll admit that the first chapter with the girl was the hardest just because you are trying to figure out how the game works and that chapter relies A LOT on sanity and keeping your lighters lit up and staying in the light. It definitely doesn’t help when later on all of the electric outlets have been gutted and you have to walk through the whole house in the darkness with only a lighter that only last a few moments. The game eased up in the other two chapters, but the horrors and scares were all there. The game does that well and has some great graphics and music. Some of the story is hard to follow. I managed to finish all three chapters, then collect all video tapes and assemble the mask for the best ending across these two videos. I also visited the “game backer” area and collected all of the pages to see the list of names. Thanks for recommending this, it was a rough start but ended up okay.

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    Let’s Play Gears of War Insane Difficulty (w/ Cokesodacan)

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