Let’s Play WWE 2K22 (Rey Mysterio Showcase)

As usual with any WWE gaming content, YouTube immediately shuts it down across the globe. This time is no different, eventhough everything contained in this playthrough is straight from the game and nothing has been taken illegally. At any rate, we’ll post up the link to the Twitch VOD so at least the content is still viewable for this game completion. I found this showcase to be a lot of fun once I dropped the difficulty down and didn’t have to sit there stressing out over that. Once I could make this more challenging instead of unbearably hard, the journey was a lot of fun and I really enjoyed Mysterio’s commentary about his career along the way and throughout the years. I’m glad they finally shed some light on Rey Mysterio and gave him some props after all the years he’s had in the business. Well done, 2K.

Here’s a direct link to the Twitch VOD in case the embed does not work!

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