This was my second Resident Evil inspired TRLE at this point in Horror Month 2021, livestreamed directly from my Twitch channel. I found this one to be really well done overall, with great music, tons of references from a lot of different Resident Evil games and just a nice, fun time adventuring and exploring through Racoon City for a bit before heading into the police station. There are actually characters from Resident Evil 2 you come across, with dialogue and there are a lot of shoutouts to people who developed this TRLE on the walls. There are a few easter eggs in the game as well. The only drawbacks I found to this TRLE were the fire dynamics from Tomb Raider also being included, despite no way to heal yourself from it being a Resident Evil game. Once you are on fire, just reload. The other is the save system, which is okay once you get used to it. No saving anywhere, but it is supposed to be a Resident Evil inspired TRLE, right?

Here is the link to the TRLE for download: