Let’s Play Murdered: Soul Suspect

In modern day Salem, MA a murder has taken place by the serial killer known as the Bell Killer. Now dead, Ronan must piece together the clues and figure out who the killer is whilst tying together events from the witch trials to modern day events. Big twist at the end, but I was expecting it. LOTS of collectibles in this one

Let’s Play Blades of Time

Ayumi is stuck on a dangerous island full of monsters and creatures and must find a way to get home. This is a hack ‘n slash game with elements of time and tons of powerups. I found myself somehow finding lots of ways to cheese through the game, as it isn’t an easy game even on the standard difficulty

Let’s Play Year Walk (Steam)

A very unique experience where you travel through a snowy forest and come across random horror elements. The puzzles towards the end were a bit strange, and the storyline was just a bit out there. I believe this game was created on mobile first

Let’s Play Carrion

It’s time to break out of your test tube and go on a rampage, slaughtering all of the people in your wake. Grow bigger, gain more powers and leave nothing breathing. This game was a lot of fun! A game gifted to me by HerrGengar

Let’s Play Max Payne 3

Years after the events of the first two games, Max picks up a job working security for a rich family in Brazil and things quickly turn upside down. We finished this on hard! A really fun game with lots of gunplay, but not quite as catch as the first two games

Let’s Play WWF War Zone

In our 316th game completion, we play through the game as “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, winning the WWF IC and World Titles! Gimme a hell yeah! Really fun game for its time on the original PlayStation

Let’s Play Call of Juarez

Billy finds himself in a lot of trouble after his parents die, and his reverend uncle Ray is hot on his trail. The story weaves throughout this FPS wild western themed shooter. Played on normal difficulty

Let’s Play Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs

The second installment of the Amnesia series takes place several hundred years after the original and involves a meat processing factory in London, England. Why are there manpig things running around? What happened to my children? All the answers are at the very bottom