44-Fighter Ultra Street Fighter IV Simulation Tournament

First of all, I can’t believe the fighter out of 44 characters actually won this entire tournament. If you had told me it would have been him, I would have laughed, but it does also make sense that he would also win, because of how meme/trolly my streams can get on Twitch! Thanks everyone for entering and selecting a character to represent you. This was a lot of fun to sit back and watch and see how it all broke down. I also became enlightened on a lot of Street Fighter characters I really didn’t have any knowledge about, and I am all about expanding my knowledge of different video game franchises and learning more about them. I am sure we will end up doing this again just because how fun it ended up being to watch, so keep your eyes peeled for another simulated tournament in the future!

Here is the link to the full result brackets: https://challonge.com/SSFIVAUG21

  1. T.Hawk – RCM
  2. Poison – Ashterial
  3. Cammy – Plifer
  4. Sakura – Roxas
  5. Decapre – Julie
  6. Evil Ryu – Portalguyd
  7. E. Honda – NEDave
  8. Blanka – MzAmyPond
  9. Cody – HMNIXero
  10. Chun Li – Linkypoo
  11. Vega – Zazzeris
  12. Akuma – Cokesodacan
  13. Juri – Thecliffyshow
  14. Rufus – Jerromy
  15. Ibuki – Oo7565
  16. Guile – ExpertMedal
  17. Yun – Joenado
  18. Sagat – Croakitoad
  19. C.Viper – Baconlara
  20. Dhalsim – Wizardboz12
  21. Abel – Fentonyl
  22. Seth – Scorpios
  23. M. Bison – Immortalrich
  24. Rolento – Mileswildmore
  25. Oni – Chrono
  26. Hugo – Jherr
  27. Hakan – Shikatune
  28. Gouken – Morzall
  29. Fei Long – Linklisten
  30. Gen – Chewy
  31. Elena – Nancyhammaker
  32. El Fuerte – MrKantot
  33. Dudley – Albadragon
  34. Dee Jay – TheChainTV
  35. Dan – Tommyspud
  36. Balrog – ClosingSniper
  37. Adon – Meredydd
  38. Zangief – Pegcitycj
  39. Yang – DeputyDawgy
  40. Rose – Aliciawarriorprincess
  41. Makoto – Darksageaura
  42. Ken – Nopeitsnate
  43. Guy – PhantomCaboose
  44. Ryu – Trashbagsev

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