Check out my entire Resident Evil collection!

I am really proud of what I’ve been able to collect over the years for my favorite video game franchise of all time. Truth be told, I’ve actually been ‘retired’ from collecting items for a handful of years now, but just recently gained access to where all of these items were safely kept. I wanted to take inventory of everything and actually showcase everything I’ve got because it’s been sevearl years since I have actually posted pictures and showed everything off. I hope to catch up on more recent items that have been released and came out since I stopped collecting to grow this massive collection even more! This collection includes some super rare items that can’t even be found anymore, tons of foreign made items and customized once-in-a-lifetime builds as well. Tons of memorabilia that was released to celebrate a movie or a game being released and all sorts!

You can check out screenshots of particular items of my collection by heading to the Facebook gallery!