This is the longest and biggest Smash Bash ever done, with 82 participants included into this one night, single elimination tag team tournament on Super Smash Bros. Ultimate for the Nintendo Switch! I decided to be a little giving in May of 2022, so I decided to put every single community member involved in the Croakitoad Discord server into the tournament, most of them utilizing the characters they usually choose every other month and put them all up against one another! The winning team actually ended up being my sibling team represented by Ness & Shulk, which was pretty crazy and really unexpected, so congrats to them for winning the longest and largest Smash Bash ever conducted at Croakitoad! I think with a few more members added to the tournament, we’d actually have had every single character in the game accounted for! Maybe another time later down the road, perhaps!

Click here for the full results of all of the matches and the tournament brackets!