Quake co-op during QuakeCon weekend August 19-21

Since QuakeCon has announced they are going digital-only for the second year in a row in the year of 2021, we’ve decided to celebrate this year with a little special playthrough! The original Quake will be on our hit list, and we’ll be playing through the entire game cooperatively online! This will take place during QuakeCon’s usual weekend between August 19-21, 2021. The actual specifics and time will be posted a bit later and closer to the event, but just keep your eyes peeled on our community Discord or the Twitch livestream to find out when and how you can be a part of this!

Any and all are welcome to join us as we frag our way through the original game’s complete campaign together online. This should be a lot of fun, as I’ve never actually played the original Quake online with anybody before. I am certainly looking forwards to this and many other games played to celebrate QuakeCon online this year!

For more news about QuakeCon, you can head to their official website here: QuakeCon (bethesda.net)

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