Let’s Play Back 4 Blood (Open Beta)

The Back 4 Blood closed and open beta have both arrived and I was able to play in both, but this particular playthrough is from the open beta. We did both full acts available in the beta, alongside a full stack four player co-op party. I felt like the game overall is really nice, and I can’t wait to see what the finalized product is going to feel and look like. There’s a lot of potential in the game and I can’t wait for the final release. I felt like some of the changes needed are maybe the weird difficulty spike towards the end of act four where things just started taking you out very quickly, some of the AI needs to be reworked a bit and some things do seem to phase in and out during gameplay. It is the beta, so I know changes will come, but I was happy to actually take part and experience what Back 4 Blood is going to bring to the table.

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