Let’s Play Anime Girls VR (Steam VR)

Well this isn’t as much of a GAME as it is just a visual experience watching a few anime girls dance around to some catchy music. There are multiple areas to visit and watch as a virtual reality anime girl dances in front of you in different outfits. It’s all safe for work, no nudity or anything like that. I think a lot of the reviews on Steam were upset because you couldn’t do “anything with the girls” which I found pretty funny, but I think for what it was, it was pretty cool. I’m still getting the hang of VR and I still find the technology really fascinating, even if it’s something like this.

  • Let’s Play Sonic CD
    Let’s Play Sonic CD

    The “FMV” videos and songs were pretty cool and catchy for the tech of the Sega CD here, and this is the first appearance of Amy Rose in the Sonic franchise as well, so we’ve got that going here. This game was a fun little adventure, right up there with the original two games in…

  • Let’s Play Tekken
    Let’s Play Tekken

    We play through the original Tekken via the PlayStation 3, unlocking every main character’s ending. I really enjoyed knowing that Kazuya yeets Heihachi off the mountain and it picks right back up for Tekken 2. Really cool, I think my favorite character ending up being Michelle for all of this

  • Let’s Play Sonic Drift
    Let’s Play Sonic Drift

    Out of everything I played during Sonic Week, I thought this game was the most fun, ironically enough. I had never even really heard of this game before this, but I’m glad I had the pleasure of actually trying it out

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