You’ll assume the role of members of the COG Zeta Squad nine years after E-Day as they attempt to evacuate the city and get people to safety due to the impending kryll storm that’s lurking over head. You’ll also get to play on the opposing side as the big boy General RAAM himself. Some familiar characters return for this like Lt. Kim (Gears 1), Tai (Gears 2) and Jace (Gears 3) as you travel through schools, construction yards and other places trying to find survivors to get them out safely. This is a pretty short DLC and can be done in under three hours, but adds a lot to the fanbase if you are a fan of the Gears games up to this point and especially General RAAM. His parts were a lot of fun and this can also be played across 4-player coop, although this run was not since I was the only person who had this DLC pack!