Let’s Play Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne

It’s Max Payne’s first game birthday again in 2022, so we had this all planned out! It’s time to revisit Max’s journey through Max Payne 2, which brings to light a ton of the leftover characters from the original game which you’d think would just be not really mentioned again. Pretty much EVERYBODY returns in this direct sequel as we find out what happens next in Max’s life as an NYPD cop after the events of the original game. Nicholai comes into major play here, as well as Mona Sax. We also find out what happens to our good friend Vinnie Gognitti from the first game! While this game is a lot of fun and another great game in the Max Payne lineup, we still think the original just stands out that much better. The mobster voices just simply make that first game, but this one isn’t bad at all!

  • Let’s Play Crow Country
    Let’s Play Crow Country

    The highly anticipated and talked about Crow Country is definitely worth the playthrough if you are a fan of old school horror games like Resident Evil and Silent Hill and enjoy the old pixel design of Final Fantasy VII. Give this a shot, it’s super fun, not too hard and the puzzles make you think

  • Let’s Play Alekhine’s Gun
    Let’s Play Alekhine’s Gun

    Agent Alekhine is sent from mission to mission, eliminating the nazi forces that still have remnants after the end of World War II. This game is very Hitman-esque but maybe not quite as good. Not a hard game for all achievements, but make sure you only kill targets you have to through the game

  • Let’s Play EDENGATE: The Edge of Life (100% Achievements Run)
    Let’s Play EDENGATE: The Edge of Life (100% Achievements Run)

    A woman wakes up from a coma and is all alone in her giant city. She must travel around and figure out what happened and fight through her own personal demons along the way. This survival horror game doesn’t feature any enemies, but does make you think outside the box psychologically