This was a really fun take on the old school Resident Evil and Silent Hill games we love. There were some really fun references in this game as well, going from Resident Evil, Silent Hill, Monty Python and Amnesia: The Dark Descent. I really enjoyed this game, as it did bring me back to the early days of Resident Evil and getting my start into horror gaming way back in the original PlayStation days! The map system, music and graphics were all really cool and I enjoyed them. The storyline was a bit weird, but I felt like playing on normal you take just a little bit too much damage, in my opinion. This doesn’t hurt or effect anyone who knows the game well or speedrunning it or whatever, but for a first time playthrough it can get a little rough for people trying to learn how the game mechanics work. Other than that, great throwback to the original days of gaming survival horror and I enjoyed the adventure. Looking forwards to seeing what else the developers come up with in the way of horror gaming in the future!