Let’s Play Cult of the Lamb

I have to thank Twitch user AzurRayne for bringing this game to my attention, because once I really got a feel for the game and got my bearing, this became really an addiction of mine for a few days! I really loved the fact that you could use Twitch integration with the game, allowing for your viewers to do things to help (or hinder) your progress in the game. I wish more games did things like this, honestly!! This game was a lot of fun to play through once you figured out the dynamics and how everything works. There are a lot of different ways you can tackle things as you progress through the four main bosses of the game and eventually the true final boss of the entire game. We were able to get through the game in a few days, but I definitely took my time and enjoyed the run. We died a few times and just really got a feel for everything going through in this completely casual playthrough. I can’t wait to get another run through the game again at a later date! The fact that I could make my villagers three or four different types of frogs/toads was KEY! And I loved it! My only complaint about the game would be probably that once a Twitch viewer submits a villager, they cannot change their species from then on, even if they die. Other than that, a great game and I definitely recommend to anyone who has a Twitch community who enjoys watching you play games!

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