Let’s Play Death Stranding

It’s been a long time coming for me to play this game, and I finally decided to dive right into this. All I can hear now is that jingle over the transceiver followed by SAM. Because it happens every other couple of minutes it seems like. The storyline is as wacky as you’d expect from someone like Kojima, but in a good way. The game really grabbed me early on with the aspect of delivering packages to and from the broken and apocalyptic former United States of America. I didn’t mind the core gameplay of package hauling at all, and once I was able to start defending myself with weaponry, the game got a lot better. The final boss was super weird and just acted like I wasn’t even there. As soon as I completed this, more information came out about the sequel: Death Stranding 2. I can’t wait for the next game to come out so that I can see where the story ends up!

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    Let’s Play Hitman GO (Steam)

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    Let’s Play No One Lives Under the Lighthouse (Steam)

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