Let’s Play EVIL (Steam)

Well, this game isn’t even available on Steam anymore. There are some pretty bad localization problems, as the english is not the greatest in the game. In fact, one of the puzzles is broken due to bad translation between the developer’s first language and English. I will save you the hassle of ripping your hair out and give you the combination to the safe puzzle if you absolutely want to have it: 270195. The game is VERY loud, too. Make sure to turn your volume down, WAY DOWN. The screaming and static sounds are pretty obnoxious. I’m not sure what rating this game had on Steam while it was still up, but I am sure it didn’t look good. Also, fun fact about the dead woman who stalks you in this game: her model can be found dancing at the end of Palmyra Orphanage, another Steam horror game.

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