Let’s Play Final Fantasy

It’s been a game that’s been on my mental list for months now, and I wanted to come back to this and play through it all again for a second time. I do really like this game, even though the middle part of the journey gets a little rough. With enough grinding, like in any RPG game, you can get through it pretty okay. Once you get over that slump, you can cruise right along to the finish line and take down Chaos at the end of the game. Always a pleasure to play through the game that started it all and brought forth a whole franchise of games over the years. I’ll gladly play through the game again soon. I feel like the original is probably one of my favorite Final Fantasy games I’ve ever played so far.

  • Let’s Play Resident Evil 4 (Remake)
    Let’s Play Resident Evil 4 (Remake)

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  • Let’s Play WWE 2K23 (John Cena Showcase)
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  • Let’s Play Gears of War Insane Difficulty (w/ Cokesodacan)
    Let’s Play Gears of War Insane Difficulty (w/ Cokesodacan)

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