We run through all of the levels and the bonus side levels in the 2014 release of Gauntlet for PC/Steam! We did this with four players all the way through alongside Zazzeris, Ashterial & Cygnified! Being the wizard, I found that all of the different button combinations and spells were a lot to lay on you as a player out of nowhere, and I didn’t even realize you could switch fireballs until a quarter into the game, lol. Once I found the freeze ray I really enjoyed that and being more crowd control for the other three players with me. The final boss was a bit annoying with his roaming sword that you can’t dodge most of the time, but we were able to get through it all on normal difficulty after a few tries. I’m glad we were finally able to play through this and get the job done! I really love four player coop games, so if anyone out there knows of anymore I haven’t tackled yet on the channel please let me know!