It’s been years since the events of the original Silent Hill, and Heather is attempting to lead on a new life and a new chapter with her dad Harry. Unfortunately, things catch up with them both and the world of Silent Hill comes crawling back. We attempt to navigate malls, office buildings, amusement parks and hospitals to get to the bottom of why everything is breaking down all over again as Heather looks within herself to try and resolve this mess. This is an incredible game with great atmosphere, music and enemies. This is the epitome of what Silent Hill is all about, and coming off the heels of a Silent Hill 2 release, the series could absolutely do no wrong here. What a great game, and should always be an addition to anyone’s horror month when it comes to great horror gaming gems. I’ll have to come back to this one again, speed it up, and get some better rankings to unlock some more of the key items at the end of the game. This was more or less a casual “story run” of the game just to enjoy what it has to offer.