Let’s Play GoldenEye 007

The name’s Bond. James Bond. Since the game was re-released on the Xbox One through the Rare Replay in early 2023, I decided to give this game a go with the updated control scheme and basical quality of life upgrades, and they did such a great job! I am definitely not a fan of the old school FPS N64 controls, so this was just what I needed to actually play this game like a normal human being in the modern era. I played through this game on the 00 Agent difficulty, being the hardest difficulty in the game on this particular run! I have to say that Train, Control and Aztec were the hardest levels to me. Having to babysit Natalya is a chore, Train is such a pain in the ass, and Aztec is… well Aztec. It’s funny to think back about how quickly I stomped through each of these levels afterwards to get the cheats unlocked for the PAR time for each level. I can see why so many people love this game, it really is a lot of fun, putting aside some of the annoying quirks it brings to the table for being such an older game.

  • Let’s Play Crow Country
    Let’s Play Crow Country

    The highly anticipated and talked about Crow Country is definitely worth the playthrough if you are a fan of old school horror games like Resident Evil and Silent Hill and enjoy the old pixel design of Final Fantasy VII. Give this a shot, it’s super fun, not too hard and the puzzles make you think

  • Let’s Play Alekhine’s Gun
    Let’s Play Alekhine’s Gun

    Agent Alekhine is sent from mission to mission, eliminating the nazi forces that still have remnants after the end of World War II. This game is very Hitman-esque but maybe not quite as good. Not a hard game for all achievements, but make sure you only kill targets you have to through the game

  • Let’s Play EDENGATE: The Edge of Life (100% Achievements Run)
    Let’s Play EDENGATE: The Edge of Life (100% Achievements Run)

    A woman wakes up from a coma and is all alone in her giant city. She must travel around and figure out what happened and fight through her own personal demons along the way. This survival horror game doesn’t feature any enemies, but does make you think outside the box psychologically