Let’s Play True Fear: Forsaken Souls Part 1

The very first hidden object game in Croakitoad history! This was a game gifted to me by Twitch.tv user wtfChoc many years ago, and now I am just now finally trying it out! I really thought this one was really well done! It comes includes with actual cutscenes, voicelines, and the whole nine yards. I was not expecting that based on my previous runs through other HOG’s. I definitely recommend this one to anyone who’s a fan of the horror aesthetic and looking for something nice, calm and casual to play in a chilled setting. I only really got stuck on one part and that was a really well hidden lightbulb towards the end of the game otherwise I would have ran through the entire thing without using any hints whatsoever. I also completed the bonus mission at the end of the game! Looking forwards to playing through part two at some point on the Twitch channel!

  • Let’s Play Immortus Temporus (100% Achievements Run)
    Let’s Play Immortus Temporus (100% Achievements Run)

    I found this indie game on the Xbox marketplace after finding out about it on TrueAchievements. The achievements are way different on Steam than the Xbox, which is really strange! The game itself can be pretty fun once you figure out what’s happening, and I ended up playing a lot more than required for the…

  • Let’s Play Return to Grace (100% Achievements Run)
    Let’s Play Return to Grace (100% Achievements Run)

    Wasn’t sure what to expect on this game I found deep inside the Xbox PC Gamepass catalogue, but was intrigued by the story is was trying to tell. The achievements aren’t too bad, just expect to play through certain bits a few times for different endings. Lost humanity, planets, technology and different AI is the…

  • Let’s Play An Evil Existence (100% Achievements Run)
    Let’s Play An Evil Existence (100% Achievements Run)

    This indie game I found on the Xbox One had a lot of puzzles and a lot of Resident Evil 7 inspiration going into it. Some of the achievements were a bit confusing, so together with commentary from Cokesodacan, we were able to hunt down all the missables and get everything for the full completion…