If you’re looking for puzzles in a Lara Croft themed game, look no further than this one! It starts off nice and slow and is actually a really peaceful and fun game to slowly get through. Once you get to the final few levels and especially the DLC addons, all bets are out the window though. It becomes really challenging really quick at that point and every move you make counts and makes a difference. Lots of variables go into it in the later levels and you really need to have a bearing of how to play the game before you even start them. I’d say the first half or even three quarters of the game was really fun and enough of a challenge where it didn’t make you sit there and think about decisions for hours on end. Everything after that was attempting to make it as hard and challenging as possible to the point where you really almost need a strategy guide to figure things out. The music and graphics were awesome and as always it was a fun time with Lara Croft.