Let’s Play Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes

Dropped onto an XOF island where prisoners are being held, you are set out to find Chico and Paz and exfiltrate them out safely while finding out intel about the place. I managed to play through the regular Ground Zeroes story, but then also ran a few rounds of the Deja Vu special mission which unlocks the PSX old school polygon Snake and Grey Fox for playthroughs on Ground Zeroes and also on The Phantom Pain. This was a lot of fun and a fun way to bring back tons of nostalgia over the original Metal Gear Solid on the PlayStation! I managed to get all the trivia questions on the easy difficulty pretty much on my own, but the hard version of questions were a lot tougher. Thanks to chat for helping me out on that!

  • Let’s Play Hitman GO (Steam)
    Let’s Play Hitman GO (Steam)

    We run through all box sets and levels, getting every single 100% objective in the game! This was a pretty fun puzzler game that requires you to think pretty hard about enemy movement and timing. Overall, a fun experience that’s pretty laid back and makes you brain think a little bit. I enjoyed the references…

  • Let’s Play Spyro: Year of the Dragon
    Let’s Play Spyro: Year of the Dragon

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  • Let’s Play No One Lives Under the Lighthouse (Steam)
    Let’s Play No One Lives Under the Lighthouse (Steam)

    This creepy old island that contains a lighthouse must be maintained by your lonely character. As the days progress, you’ll find out that not everything is what it seems on this island and that there are things happening beyond your imagination