This is one psychological horror trip, right here. One second you are in a hospital maze trying to figure out where to go and what to do, surrounded by ghastly spirits. The next, you are driving a car in the country, stealing car parts off a person’s farm as they try and hunt you down and slaughter you. All throughout the game, weird things are happening to your psychi and it just seems like you are breaking down mentally. There is a cause to this, and a punchline at the end of the game so don’t worry. Once you find out what’s happening and why the character is experiencing all of this weird stuff, you’ll slowly understand and piece it all together. Leading up to that point is one, giant psychadelic trip of horror sequences that makes you question what the hell’s going on. I wasn’t a fan of the hospital maze part, but the rest of the game was pretty trippy and made sense to me all in the end.